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Burrito Theory

October 14, 2014

Tomorrow at 1 PM I’ll be hosting a panel at Culture Collide on Burrito Theory.


burrito theory

Many fine Burritologists will be present, including Allan Hough from Mission Mission, Broke-ass Stuart, Alan of Culture Collide, and Dawson Ludwig of Noise Pop. We will be discussing many BRT (Burrito Related Topics) such as

  • the proper PSI for a burrito
  • the dangers of completely defoiling a burrito before consumption
  • what to do if you see someone using a fork and knife on a burrito
  • should people on the East Coast be allowed to buy burritos while in the Bay Area?
  • the state of tortilla chips in San Francisco taquerias
  • will burritos of the future come wrapped in transparent aluminum? foil

If you can’t make it to West of Pecos, we will be broadcasting the summit live on!

UPDATE: the archive of the panelis now available!

Click to listen — we’re on at the 60 minute mark of the part 1 stream, right after the El Farolito Saved My Soul song by Hickey which is awesome.

Here’s a picture of me during the panel. The knife is to vivisect 538 if they come by.

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