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Pizza 3.14159

June 17, 2009

As reported on many fine blogsPi Bar is opening up in the old Suriya Thai place.

pi bar

So I don’t quite understand all the uproar over “too many pizza places in the Mission”, but hey, I guess some people get tired of complaining about too many taquerias.

I love Delfina but it’s a hike, as is Flour & Water. But my stance on the poor state of utility pizza in this city is well known (well, it’s known):

I have a theory that each city has the ability to do one or two high-volume convenience foods really well, where the average option is really quite good — but this specialization consumes so much karmic food preparation energy that the other quick food options are average at best, if not sad. (Note that I’m not talking about restaurants here, in which we have an embarrassing surplus of talent, but rather non-chain, walk-in, walk-out.)

So having a solid pizza place in La Lengua will be great, and if they do slices I will be THRILLED.   Arinell’s is OK, but ever since the Cybelle’s on 24th stopped doing those little slices aka mini pizzas, I’ve been bummed. And If they throw in some vegan pies for our friends, all the better. (And beer! Pitchers please! And tables I can carve my name into.)

They had better paint something AWESOME on that door or the ghost of elephants will, um, trample upon their dough, and not in a good way.

As Vegansaurus notes, stop by and tell them what you want — slices, vegan, pitchers, murals… Vive la rivoluzione (della pizza)!

Math Dork Observation – the digits in the address, 1432, can be rearranged to be 3.142=∏!

Font Dork Observation – ∏| !

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  1. June 17, 2009 5:44 pm

    of course I would get a notice that a pizza joint was opening up right next to my apartment on the same day I put in my 30 day notice.
    Hope where ever I move to has a good pizza joint… and cookies… and awesome music store.

  2. June 17, 2009 9:47 pm

    I’m already afraid we’re all getting too excited and whatever it will be can’t possibly compare to what it should be.

    Also, your points are good ones. It is an excellent location.


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