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La Carta, La Lengua

May 29, 2009
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SFGate reports that the SF Association of Realtors is busy making up exciting neighborhood names such as “Barbary Coast” for the Financial District (an area underwater 150 years ago), while ignoring areas like Dogpatch. (Though at least they finally included Cole Valley.)

The good news is they seem to have gotten most of the Mission right, including both La Lengua and MisHosPo (though Dolores Park is under dispute).

sfgate mission

The most interesting bit is you can suggest your own neighborhood name (at the top of the article)!  Yes, La Lenguans, this is your hour.  I have recently expanded the boundaries of La Lengua (green), invading northward across Cesar Chavez through the Rub’ a Khali to 25th St.. including the oasis (oases?) of Receiver and Anthony’s Cookies.

UPDATE: looks like the poll is closed, but the results are up. La Lengua made it in a couple of times, and there some pretty funny suggestions for the Mission and other parts of the city.  “Crazytown.” “Dead Man Walking”. “Bernal Depths.” “Hitt Shoals.”

la neuva lengua

(Blue is Hipster Valencia, a mallable neighborhood defined purely by bicycles in motion.)

So if you live in the green area between San Jose/Guerrero and Valencia, south of 25th and north of 30th, feel free to join the LLAS (La Lengua Appreciation Society) by adding your cross street to the SF Gate Poll.

Check out more exciting map/hood commentary over on Curbed and SFist.

UPDATE: Via the Curbed comments I discovered The Neighborhood Project‘s map based on Craigslist postings:

mission neighborhood project

I like this map because La Lengua is clearly defined (as part of the Mission) and they use the word “minify” as the opposite of magnify.

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  1. May 31, 2009 2:45 pm

    love the map!

  2. steve permalink
    June 3, 2009 7:56 pm

    hi there,

    i’m interested in learning more about the history, usage, and movement to establish the term ‘la lengua.’ can you provide further information?



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