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San Jose-Guerrero Park (SJG)

May 18, 2009

Good news, La Lenguans — the San Jose-Guerrero Park is next on the list of the city’s “Pavement to Parks” plaza. Basic sketch of the space from Gillian at Greening Guerrero (tree size may vary…)


Note this should actually *increase* the number of parking spots.

Expect to see something like the new space at 17th & Castro:

This new plaza saw heavy use this weekend, according to SF.Streetsblog.

And what do I want next?  Well how about Valencia Street Park? The 26 Valencia is going away, but I figure we keep one lane open for the 67 Bernal and the businesses on the east side of the street, and to provide ambulance access to St. Luke’s. I broke out my 90s era cropping and internet skillz to build the finely rendered before/after park below from Google Earth.  This is hovering over the Mission/Valencia intersection looking north towards Cesar Chavez. (Note – this is my idea, nothing official yet…)

valencia street park flip

(Guess which park I spliced in there?)

Note lots of room for street food carts in both parks!

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