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Dulay Lines

May 11, 2009
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When she was in university, Allan’s down mom made a cool art book of three parallel lines that quickly become less so. Allan made a video of the book last year.

I liked the design and took screenshots from that video, glomming them together and tracing it in vector form in OmniGraffle, my favorite program ever.  The output is nearly 5000 pixels long, so I took the liberty of rotating it below. (Click for a horizontal version of the book and the color lines.)

Look closely, and the secret of the Dulay Lines are revealed!  (No, it is not a plan for future BART tunnels, I wish…)

dumay lines bookdumay lines overlay

20pdumay lines black 20pdumay lines color

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  1. Marlene Dulay permalink
    May 11, 2009 11:36 am

    Wow–what an awesome surprise! Thank you for giving new life to something that never had an ending, but you’ve enriched it, giving it renewed energy, and I love seeing it done in your medium. I must meet the digital artist! You do me great honor.

  2. May 11, 2009 1:55 pm

    Glad you like it! It’s a great pattern. I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely the colors came out.

  3. May 12, 2009 9:17 pm

    So simple and so complicated at the same time… A precursor (well, nobody then knew about about fractals) of what was to come.


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