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Indian Bento = SUCCESS

May 3, 2009

Flight delays while travelling with an infant = exhaustion and hunger. Get home at 8, no food in house, sadness. Open Racer 5 and contemplate food options.  But what do I see on Twitter but a glorious tweet by @indianbento advertising Saturday Night Special bentos.  Food problem solved!

Sure enough, a yellow mini cooper arrives at my door replete with steaming bento curry goodness. Bento boxed street food comes to me! I love this city.

yellow mini indian bento

Regular readers should not be surprised by the bento-rama. Click to zoom.  (Note the most excellent explanatory labels for otherwise confused white people.)

indian bentos

Left: Maharaja chicken curry; Center: “Matar Paneer” organic peas and sauteed cottage cheese; Right: “Chana Masala” organic garbanzo curry (my favorite).

(Hey, cool reusable bento boxes! Hmm, wonder where I could take those?)

So keep in mind this isn’t your typical Indian take out.  Minimum order is 5 — think of it as ordering a six pack of beer, you know you will have more than one.  Pashmina’s primarily focusing on catering corporate lunches — guess what I am ordering at my next important lunch meeting (fuck you, turkey sandwich!)  But throw a couple in your fridge/freezer and you will be happy later.  And we all know it’s good to support local mobile food initiatives (especially when they arrive in a yellow mini cooper).

But oh would I ever love an IBPC (Indian Bento Push Cart) in Dolores Park on a sunny Saturday afternoon (preferably a bright yellow), or a food truck in the city some night…

Full Indian Bento menu here.

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  1. sfortunata permalink
    May 3, 2009 9:38 am

    Ha ha! Are you suggesting that you would take the left over boxes to MSF to sneak out food? The bento looks awesome.

  2. 18th at Harrison permalink
    May 3, 2009 6:13 pm

    Hm. After an actually excellent lunch at Dosa Fillmore today, I was in just the right mood for the Bento story. Although I would prefer a hunky Indian man deliver it, but she’s cute enough. ;-)

  3. June 11, 2009 6:58 am

    :lol: Where’s the pickled or cooked vegetables as your side dish? It made me starved…

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