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January 28, 2013
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Views of San Francisco from the International Space Station are a primary mandate of this blog. Pictures of Sutro from space, even more so! Hey Sutro!

Sutro from space

This and many other fine photos of our planet are being taken by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield aboard the ISS — he is simply killing it on Twitter.

Here’s the full shot from which I pulled the Sutro crop:

SF ISS hadfield

It includes a nice angle on our bridges:

ISS sf bridges

In addition to those showing up on Twitter, all the photos taken by astronauts on the ISS are archived by NASA at The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. While it takes a while for them to be catalogued and geotagged, you can search through the raw feed and find sequences of pictures as the ISS travels at Mach 25 over SF.

I’ve been experimenting with creating stereograms out of closely timed photo sequences, with varying levels of success. If you can do the cross-eyed thing, here’s a Sutro stereogram made from this and this shot.

ISS sutro stereogram

(Note also Dolores Park and Bernal.)

And the Golden Gate Bridge:

ISS GGB stereogram

Not quite as much relief visible as I’d hoped. Given the altitude, I think stereograms would work best with oblique shots of mountainous terrain, taken tangentially (sideways) to the direction of travel of the ISS. (Then again, I am neither an astronaut nor a photographer.)

And mainly because they are awesome, a quick review of previous shots of the neighborhood from the ISS:

2011, by @astro_soichi:

astro_soichi SF Bay crop

California Rising (1), (2) (click for GIF):

ISS over California and SF

SF from ISS in IR:

SF IR ISS city

ISS from my yard:

ISS crop.jpg

p.s. You can’t save search results on the The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth site, so to save you some time, here are the most recent SF sets:

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