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Green, Red and Blue

November 23, 2014

The Bernalian Hegemony looks so peaceful after a good rain.


Your 1855 Dining Options

November 20, 2014

A hearty congratulations to Anthony Myint and Karen Leibowitz for reaching their funding goal on their Aquaponic Greenhouse Kickstarter for their upcoming restaurant, The Perennial!

Anthony and Karen were kind enough to come on Burrito Justice Radio on We re-lived ancient Mission history with the heady days of Mission Street Food and Mission Chinese (while it’s hard to believe, carbon dating confirms this as having happened SIX YEARS AGO), along with details of the aquaponic greenhouse that will supply greens and fish to The Perennial.

Anthony & Karen were game to review a menu printed in an 1855 Daily Alta California. This Bill of Fare was for the Barnum House on Commercial Street.

1855 Barnum House menu

You can listen to our assessment of the menu at the 94 minute mark, but Mr. Francois Martinez, Anthony Myint gives your menu the thumbs up: “This looks like an *awesome* restaurant.

Many items that would do well at contemporary establishment. A couple of things stand out:

Lots of meat. No vegetables, unless you consider potatoes and onions vegetables. Bologna Sausage = hot dog.


Apparently not many chickens came around the Horn, but notice that three eggs cost as much as a steak with truffles. 50 cents is at least $12 dollars adjusted for inflation — to be honest I suspect it would be even more given the hyperinflation of the time, and lack of supply and high demand. (If you were at last week’s Pop-Up Magazine, your heard about the Egg Wars on the Farallons.)


Pretty sure that says $2, which is about $50!


2014 Roast chicken has just breached peak-1855:

$84 at Tosca
$48 at Zuni’s.


In the comments, @markasaurus notes that the bare bones 12¢ toast is pretty damn expensive, at about $3. But before you get all fourtdollartoasty on 1855, the 25¢ anchovy toast is SIX DOLLARS. Come on, 2014, get it together, 1855 is kicking your ass.



DailyAltaSF_2014-Nov-19 1

1854 fresh english muffins


Down With Big Lettuce, Up With Fish Who Farm

November 17, 2014

Quartz reports on the transformation of a Japanese floppy disk assembly line into… wait for a it… a hydroponic greenhouse! Lettuce is grown in vats in a clean room, never to see the light of day.


If you are a satisfied with Big Lettuce, so be it. But we here in San Francisco like to kill two birds with one stone. The founders of Mission Street Food are doing an aquaponic Kickstarter. Not satisfied with merely serving delicious food from a a truck then popping up in a Chinese restaurant and then making delicious hamburgers in a Vietnamese grocery store and then a bowling alley and then opening another restaurant in a former taqueria that was previously a donut shop open 25 hours a day, and then transcending waffles, Anthony and Karen and crew have taken it to another level — they want to employ fish to grow lettuce that will be served in their new restaurant, Perennial.


Yes you read that correctly. Each day, fish will come in to work, swim around, eat food scraps from the restaurant, and “nutrify” the water in which the lettuce enthusiastically grows. (Just don’t tell the fish that they are on the menu too.)

Anyway, the Kickstarter is in its last week and they’re almost there, so hop on over and help them out!

Also, I’ll be talking to Anthony and Karen on Burrito Justice Radio over at this Wednesday from 12-2. So tune in to hear a bit of San Francisco’s restaurant history along with some of its future.

Not A Burrito

November 12, 2014

I often get asked if something is actually a burrito. This usually involves things with -rrito or -rito as a suffix. To clarify:

@daviottenheimer was kind enough to summarize my Twitter overview.

And just because it’s shiny and delicious doesn’t make it a burrito.


@shamptonian informs us you can play at home!

Who’s Playing At T̶h̶e̶ ̶M̶o̶r̶g̶u̶e̶ The Chapel Tonight?

November 6, 2014

Ad for a mortuary at 777 Valencia St, from the 1948 city directory:

1948 The Chapel SF directory

A photo from 1964, via SFPL

1964 777 Valencia The Chapel AAC-4962

In case you need a hint:

2014 The Chapel GSV

I wonder if the Chapel ever considered calling themselves The Morgue.

Just discovered JunkThief’s post on it, including pictures when it was a rather jaunty lime green:

2000 777-valencia

I never noticed detail in the windows before:

original windows - former Gantner-Maison Funeral Directors, San Francisco, Calif.

The two letters carved above the window spell out g m, representing the Ganter-Maison names, the Domergue company merged later on.

Zoom and enhance:

The chapel window detail gm

Funeral records from Gantner-Maison-Domergue are available at the ever awesome SF Genealogy. Just one example:



A Modest Proposal to Improve Muni

October 31, 2014
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I have a plan for improving Muni: Rename the routes after Giants players, and let them drive during the off-season.

Here’s the list — I had to add some historical routes to fill the gaps. Please add your route jokes in the comments.

2-Clement 2 Juan Perez LF
6-Parnassus 6 Ehire Adrianza DL60 2B
7-Haight 7 Gregor Blanco CF
8X-Bayshore Express 8 Hunter Pence RF
9-San Bruno 9 Brandon Belt 1B
10-Townsend 10 Chris Dominguez 3B
12-Folsom/Pacific 12 Joe Panik 2B
13 Ellsworth 13 Joaquin Arias 3B
14-Mission 14 Guillermo Quiroz C
16X-Noriega Express 16 Angel Pagan CF
17-Parkmerced 17 Tim Hudson SP
18-46th Avenue 18 Matt Cain DL60 SP
19-Polk 19 Marco Scutaro DL60 2B
22-Fillmore 22 Jake Peavy SP
28-19th Avenue 28 Buster Posey C
29-Sunset 29 Hector Sanchez DL60 C
32-Embarcadero 32 Ryan Vogelsong SP
34-Woodside 34 Andrew Susac C
35-Eureka 35 Brandon Crawford SS
37-Corbett 37 Adam Duvall 1B
38-Geary 38 Michael Morse LF
40-San Mateo Interurban 40 Madison Bumgarner SP
41-Union 41 Jeremy Affeldt RP
43-Masonic 43 Brett Bochy RP
45-Union/Stockton 45 Travis Ishikawa 1B
46 Santiago Casilla RP
47-Van Ness 47 Jarrett Parker RF
48-Quintara/24th Street 48 Pablo Sandoval 3B
49-Mission/Van Ness 49 Javier Lopez RP
50-Visitacion 50 Matt Duffy 2B
51-Silver 51 Erik Cordier SP
52-Excelsior 52 Yusmeiro Petit RP
53 Southern Heights 53 Chris Heston SP
54-Felton 54 Sergio Romo RP
55-Sacramento 55 Tim Lincecum SP
56-Rutland 56 Gary Brown CF
57 Juan Gutierrez RP
59 Michael Kickham SP
60 Hunter Strickland RP
63 Jean Machi RP
70 George Kontos RP

Hey that’s weird, the players are already on the new Muni map.


The Mission will see dramatically improved service:


SPUR Urban Cartography Exhibit

October 24, 2014
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If you are downtown near Mission and 3rd between 11 and 5 before January, you should go stop by the SPUR Urban Center at 654 Mission St. where you can see a few maps made by me and my friends.

SPUR was kind enough to display the 200′ Sea Level Rise map that I made with Brian Stokle.


The 200′ maps are available for sale on Zazzle, and Brian is selling his 25′ maps as well.


Many other excellent maps there by Eric Fischer, Stamen, Andreas Viglakis, Jenny Odell and others. Also: awesome 3D model of San Francisco!

So stop by SPUR during your lunch break!

Remotely related song:


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